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How to Make a Balloon Garland

Here at Le mossa we believe in backing our products not just with our guarantee but also by making sure our customers know how to use our products.

So, we decided to create a blog series to put this information out there for anyone to see and learn from.


We are starting this series with probably the most frequently asked question-


How to make a balloon garland


Things you need-

1. Balloon garland kit (includes 100 balloons/ garland strip/ balloon dot)

2. 3pcs. 3M command hooks

3. Balloon hand pump/ electric pump (recommended)

4. Balloon string/ fishing line/ wire



1. The very first step and probably the most fun one is inflating all of the balloons that come with the kit. Be sure to not over inflate them to prevent them from busting and potentially harming someone. We highly recommend using an electronic inflater or hand pump or this process.

2. Secondly, you must press all the balloons from the sides to give them a round shape as shown in the picture.


3. Then, put all of the balloons into the garland strip provided with the kit.


4. Use the glue dots provided to attach balloons together to make the garland sturdier. 


5. Now place the garland on the wall to get an approximation of your garland placement.

6. Use 3 3M command hooks about 2.5-3ft. apart on the wall

7. Finally, use balloon ribbon (or any string) and tie it around the garland leaving a long end on one side. Use the long side to make a loop knot and hang it on the hooks.

Your balloon garland is ready to rock the party!!


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