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How to put a balloon stand together

Here at Le mossa we believe in backing our products not just with our guarantee but also by making sure our customers know how to use our products.

So, we decided to create a blog series to put this information out there for anyone to see and learn from.


So, here is the answer to one of our most asked question-

How to make a balloon garland

Things you need-

1. Balloon stand kit (includes 6 balloons/ 1 center piece)


2. Balloon dots/ tape (recommended)


1. The very first step and probably the most fun one is inflating all of the balloons that come with the kit. Be sure to not over inflate them to prevent them from busting and potentially harming someone. If your kit come with a foil balloon you would need a hand pump or an electric pump to inflate your balloons.

2. Take the stand base and stick the parts marked with the red dot into the holes.

2.Use the provided couplings to attach the smaller bars to the bigger bars. For a better look, it is recommended that you use the couplings on the bars in the holes marked with the red dots in the image below

3. Attach the holders provided to the balloon stand

4. Secure the balloons on the stand by passing the knot under one of the creases in the holder and passing it back through another crease.

5. it is recommended to use balloon dots or tape to hold balloons together for a sturdier stand.

6. Enjoy your new balloon stand!!