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Here at Lemossa, we always look for creative people to work with. Hence, we came up with a program to appreciate creativity by sharing a piece of our business with you.


This program enables creative decorators to turn their passion and skill into a business opportunity by enabling them to contribute to our catalog 


How it works-

On the most basic level, decorators send us pictures of unique decoration ideas that meets the requirements stated below and if approved, they can make up to 25% of revenue from that product. However, there are some condition you need to fill before being qualified for the program-





  1. Products need to fit one of these categories-                                                                                     * Balloon Garland                                                                                                                     * Balloon Stand                                                                                                      
  2. Products must be made out of products from our existing catalog.
  3. Product pictures must be taken in a well lit room in front of a white background.     


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Please send all your submissions and queries to or fill up the form below